Sunday, May 24, 2009

Song For The Champions

theres only One United (4x)
(Manchester United are champion again, the trophy stayed at Old Trafford for the 4 times in 5 season)

Champione, Champione oh wey oh wey (2x)

we retained the premier league
last year on the merseyside (3x)

Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs runnin down the wing (2x)
feared by the blues loved by the reds
Ryan Giggs (3x)

oh Teddy (6x)

oh Gary (6x)

Andy Cole (4x)
he hits the ball
he scores a goal
Andy, Andy Cole

what a goal (2x)
from Andy Andy Cole
he hits the ball
he scores a goal
Andy Andy Cole

you are my Solskjaer
my only Solskjaer
you make us happy
when skies are grey
coz when it's pouring
you just keep scoring
please dont take our Solskjaer away

oh Roy Keane
he's a demon
he wears he saw Old Trafford
he said "i fancy that"
the rest all tried to sign him
but he chose the red and white
of world famous Man United
coz we're always dynamite

Glory, Glory Man United (3x)
and the reds go marching on! on! on!

sing up for the champions (8x)

(Manchester United are still Champions!!)

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